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Welcome to TV Censorship Wiki!

This wiki is dedicated to the censorship of shows and films on TV and streaming services as well as censorship in other countries and certain dubs.

Rules and Guidelines

  1. Be nice to everyone.
  2. Don't copy and paste from Censorship Wiki. That's plagarism.
  3. Please use proper grammar.
  4. Don't harass or attack other users. ESPECIALLY ADMINS! Your block can vary depending on the severity of the action(s).
  5. Swearing is allowed as long as you use it for talking abut censorship and not to insult others. Only censor swearing if the uncensored version bleeped it out but you can still tell what it said.
  6. Vandalism is unacceptable that you'll be blocked immediately.
  7. Do not undo an admins edit anyone who will do that will be blocked. (See the section of how if you break rules)
  8. Have fun!

If you break any of the rules

  • 1st Time- Warning
  • 2nd Time- 1 week block
  • 3rd Time- 1 month block
  • 4th Time- 1 year block
  • 5th Time- Kicked Out

You'll get kicked out immediately if you break these rules:

  1. No vandalizing.
  2. Make your own page! Do not force others to make one for you.
  3. Do not unfairly ban users, this will result in demotion until further notice.
  4. Save jokes for social circumstances not serious.
  5. Do not EVER make a threat in any way, shape or form. This includes death threats, suicide threats, or any other dangerous threat that can potentially harm yourself or others.


If you have any questions, contact the following admins:

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